Eyelash serum for damaged eyelashes.

Women aim for perfection. They want to look beautiful, have the best clothes possible, the prettiest make-up and obviously boast of having long lashes. Unfortunately, the health and natural look is often forgotten because of the pursuit of the ideal appearance. Fairly often, women harm their eyelashes unwittingly. If they only knew, that henna, false eyelashes attachment or permanent make-up significantly deteriorates the condition of their eyelashes, the woman would not perform such beautifying treatments any longer.

Moreover, if they knew that eyelash serums bring better, because natural, results than the artificial methods of eyelashes lengthening, then these would disappear from beautician’s offers.

Eyelash serums can successfully compete with all the other methods of eye beautifying treatments. To make it even more convincing, read the following confirmation.

Henna is the name of a method connected with eyelashes and eyebrows dyeing. This kind of beautifying treatment can be perform either at a beautician’s or at home. It is not so expensive, all it requires are patience and time. One applies henna on eyelashes and eyebrows with the aid of a small comb. After that, there is the requirement to wait for several minutes before rinsing the black and brown substance out of the face. Unfortunately, if one keeps Henna too long, as a consequence, the skin can get coloured and the eyelashes and eyebrows can stand out way to much, reveling that they have been coloured because of the contrast these create with hair growing on the head. On the other hand, Henna treatment outcome is almost immediate.

When it comes to false lashes attachment is appears to be fairly expensive and tedious treatment.

Certainly, by attaching the synthetic lashes, we have our natural eyelashes lengthened and their density intensified. The complete single treatment lasts approximately 2 hours. Obviously, you have to add also the time devoted on refilling sessions which should take place once in a month. In order to perform the beautifying treatment, a beautician use a special adhesive that can cause irritations like any other artificial substances. If you decide to have false lashes attached, choose the professional beautician since inexperienced one can do considerable harm to our face.

Permanent make-up is also the beautifying treatment requiring time and expenses. Admittedly, the outcomes hold even up to a half of a year, nevertheless, you have to be prepared for pain and irritations. How does permanent make-up performance look like? To make a long story short, the treatment resembles tattooing since a beautician injects a tint underneath the epidermis.

Can eyelash serum replace Henna, false eyelashes and permanent make-up?

strong long eyelashesYes, it can, and the cosmetic can do it with very impressive results. Eyelash serum treatment is to be performed at home, on your own. A single application lasts less than a half of a minute and is similar to any eyeliner usage. In spite of the fact, that the results are achieved after approximately four weeks, eyelash serum works only on the natural eyelashes, does not cause irritations (except the situation when a person is allergic to a natural ingredient) and comprises of plant-origin substances. Eyelash serum vs. Henna, false eyelashes and permanent make-up.

Where is eyelash serum’s advantage over Henna?

Eyelash serum does not discolour skin, it does not have to be rinsed or waited several minutes to let it darken our little hair. The application of eyelash serum is way much easier than Henna application. Nevertheless, there is one plus for the benefit of Henna. The result in a form of darker eyelashes or eyebrows is achieved almost immediately.

And where is the disadvantage of false eyelash attachment over eyelash serum?

Let us start with that false eyelashes are made from animal’s fur or synthetic materials. What is more, the treatment of attaching false eyelashes lasts long, is tiresome and rather expensive. Another drawback is connected with the necessity of undergoing the infilling sessions.

Eyelash serum versus permanent make-up?

The last method guarantees optical improvement of density of eyelashes or eyebrows. To make matters worse, this treatment is long, painful and costly. It is also connected with irritations and swellings.

None of the above-mentioned methods of eyes beautification bring comprehensive results. Only eyelash serum is able to provide us which such an outcome. This cosmetic lengthens, darkens, regenerates and strengthens eyelashes. Moreover, the price of eyelash serum is more attractive than the price of the other methods. What will you choose? Henna, false eyelashes, permanent make-up or eyelash serum?

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